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  1. Opening statements
  2. How has the politicization of the coronavirus damaged our federal and state response to the virus?
  3. Should schools be opened for full-time in-person classes before there is widespread access to rapid testing?
  4. Does a woman have the right to control her body, including the right to an abortion?
  5. Now that previous precedents have been set aside, what process should be followed to fill the current Supreme Court vacancy?
  6. What would you do to bring back the tourism industry?
  7. What is your view on the payroll tax cut and funding Social Security?
  8. Why did you feel the need to put out negative ads and are there any claims made by your opponent you’d like to address?
  9. Do you believe there is systemic racism in law enforcement, and what reform measures would you support?
  10. What is your plan to champion homegrown South Carolina talent, especially from HBCUs and smaller rural colleges?
  11. Do you support term limits, and what term limits would you suggest for the House and Senate?
  12. Do you support the Affordable Care Act, and would you expand Medicaid in South Carolina as has been done in all but 12 other states?
  13. Why do you oppose the Green New Deal, and what would you do to address climate change without hurting the economy?
  14. Do you support and understand the significance of the proposed Interstate 73?
  15. What issues if any would you vote differently on than your party?
  16. What are your plans to create equitable educational opportunities for rural and minority students in South Carolina?
About the Candidates Video Debate
This Candidates Video Debate is a project of the non-partisan democratizing media non-profit, Informing to Empower. Our mission is to bring transparency, accountability and integrity to a political process now corrupted by political advertising paid for by special interest donors. We do this by empowering citizens to be the change they want to see by easily sharing, with their social and family networks, political candidates speaking about their positions on important issues. All videos are unedited except for start and stop times, providing a pundit-free forum to help voters make better-informed decisions.​
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