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  1. Pandemic Response?
  2. Affordable Care Act?
  3. Should the minimum age for medicare be lowered?
  4. Would you vote in favor of a medicare for all bill?
  5. Should the federal government be able to negotiate drug prices?
  6. Should the government send out another round of stimlus checks?
  7. If the covid infection rate rises above 5% in Colorado would you support another shutdown?
  8. Would you support a national mask mandate?
  9. Do you believe a Supreme Court justice should be confirmed before the presidential election?
  10. What should the senate's top priority be?
  11. Supreme Court: Why have you changed your position from 2016?
  12. Do you support court packing?
  13. Working women have been hit especially hard, what should the government do?
  14. How should Congress help out Colorado's struggling tourism economy?
  15. Is it fair that Trump only paid $750 in federal income tax?
  16. What should be done about the national deficit?
  17. Should Congress do something to help with student loan debt?
  18. White supremacy, MI Gov. kidnapping, Trump inspiring domestic terror, Yes or No?
  19. Do you have faith in Colorado's election system?
  20. Do you trust mail-in Ballots, election Results?
  21. Is climate change caused by human activity?
  22. Will the transition to greener energy cost jobs?
  23. Will you change the way you interact with your constituents?
  24. Do you support the proposed ban on abortion after 22 weeks?
  25. Why are so many Coloradans leaving the GOP?
  26. Is marriage equality the settled law of the land?
  27. How do you balance free speech and the danger of unchecked conspiracy theories?
  28. In terms of negative vs positive, how would you grade your campaign?
  29. Closing Statements
About the Candidates Video Debate
This Candidates Video Debate is a project of the non-partisan democratizing media non-profit, Informing to Empower. Our mission is to bring transparency, accountability and integrity to a political process now corrupted by political advertising paid for by special interest donors. We do this by empowering citizens to be the change they want to see by easily sharing, with their social and family networks, political candidates speaking about their positions on important issues. All videos are unedited except for start and stop times, providing a pundit-free forum to help voters make better-informed decisions.​
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